You need employee wellness, we have a strategy. 

You’re probably here because you are totally frustrated with implementing your company’s employee wellness program or don’t even know where to start. You may have implemented a few seminars or other wellness initiatives finding that there is a lack of interest in the programs, lack of behavior change with the programs you have implemented and really don’t know how to quantify success to engage leadership and earn their support (and money for incentives and more programming!).

We get it. We too wish that there was a way that wellness programs would be able to be more effective and make even bigger differences in employee's health and that employees would automatically be motivated by the rewards set in place and health plan spending would decrease and your company could see its value. But, wait. There is! What you are lacking is a strategy. At C&P Wellness Consultants, we help your company understand how to enhance employee wellbeing to drive business results and overall organizational health. We do this through implementing more than “just another wellness program,” and focus on implementing wellness as a business strategy.

C&P Wellness Consultants understands that your talent is your biggest asset. That's why we work with your company to create a customizable and comprehensive plan of action for your employee wellness program.

Our Story

Most wellness companies or platforms focus solely on the physical aspect of employee wellness, scratching only the superficial first layer of employee wellbeing. At C&P Wellness Consultants, we understand that employee wellbeing goes beyond implementing just another wellness program or initiative. We understand that effectively implementing employee wellness actually means delivering wellness in a way that employees can trust and that your company can see tangible results from. At C&P Wellness Consultants, we are not trying to sell you the latest fad, gadget or program in health & wellness. Instead, we are offering you a proven way to implement wellness as a business strategy, including creating a wellbeing brand that fits into your current company’s overall cultural brand alongside implementing a people development strategy that takes into account both the personal and professional aspects of your employees.

Consulting - Training & Development (Customizable)

  • Organizational Wellbeing Audit & Assessment
  • LeadWell - Stress & Resiliency Training for Managers, Supervisors, Upper Level Leadership
  • Employee Needs & Interest Survey
  • Policy Recommendations & Development
  • Wellbeing Action Plan
  • Wellness Ambassadors, Advisory Committee, Executive Champion Development
  • Program Design, Communication & Marketing
  • Health & Wellness Coaching, One-on-one & Group

What to Expect

  • Prompt and professional replies to all of your messages.
  • A personal phone consultation prior to your training. We want to better understand how we can best serve your audience.
  • A professionally, innovative, and actionable training focused on achieving results for your organization.
  • A custom document page created for your attendees. It will include slides, along with links to resources we think will be helpful.
  • A follow-up session after the event to make sure you are satisfied. 

Contact us below for more information and details. 



Perfect Training!

"This is the perfect training for HR professionals. It is fun and very interactive for the participants. C&P Wellness Consultants were very engaging with the audience and prepared to present this training. My favorite part was the very interactive group activities."

-President, Tampa Bay Wellness Council and Wellness Manager, White & Case, LLP

Forward Thinking!

"The training provided by C&P Wellness Consultants was dynamic, forward thinking and predictive of true success in well being. I give it a 10 out of 10! It was honest, engaging, had great icebreakers and activities and lots of energy. Because of this training, I know where to focus my efforts moving forward."

- Wellness Specialist, Human Resources, City of Clearwater

 To Another Level!

"Before hiring C&P Wellness Consultants, we were struggling with development and coordination of a comprehensive and diverse wellness program. Since hiring, they have taken our wellness program and initiatives to another level for our employees."

-Director of Human Resources, State College of Florida, Manatee - Sarasota

Valuable Asset!

“C&P Consultants have been a valuable asset to the wellness industry. They have continued to evolve and enhance their skills while remaining innovative and relevant. They are professional and collaborative and a joy to be around!.”

- Wellness Consultant, Aetna

Highly Recommend!

"I highly recommend C&P Wellness Consultants. They are knowledgable, and I enjoyed the interactions they created during the training." 

- Wellness Consultant, Humana

Alignment of Values!

"My biggest takeaway from working with C&P Wellness Consultants is the alignment of company's vision, mission, and values with employee wellbeing. I also learned that anyone can be a leader and to always include employees in making decisions related to change."

Human Resources Manager, COBA Conference

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