Who We Are

A professional development and consulting firm helping companies redefine employee wellness to create thriving communities in the workplace. We understand that creating employee wellbeing within your organization doesn't mean implementing "just a wellness program." Our approach is different in that we use wellness as a business strategy, implementing evidence-based corporate wellness programming alongside workforce professional and personal development. We not only help your employees achieve personal health and professional wellbeing goals, but also help your company reach performance and financial goals by creating a culture of wellbeing through performance training for your employees.

Teresa Przetocki, MPH, CPH, CHWC


Teresa Przetocki is an experienced speaker, coach and consultant. She is a Board Certified Public Health Professional and a Certified Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach, lending to her proficency in creating cultures of wellbeing driving behavior change.

Utilizing her expertise in corporate wellness, she has worked with various organizations to implement professional development and evidence-based corporate wellness strategies, resulting in a synergy of organizational and employee wellbeing. 

Teresa presents at conferences and various other speaking engagements and has worked with hundreds of clients to accomplish their personal health & wellness goals.

Douglas Crowley


Douglas Crowley is an accomplished coach, mentor and business development executive. He has over 20 years of experience within the corporate sector developing employees within a high-pressure, fast-paced environment.

His expertise lies in relationship-building, team cohesion, managing for success, and building engaged cultures within the workplace. 

Douglas has trained hundreds of employees on how to increase their leadership capacity enhancing organizational performance.