We provide employers with a wellbeing strategy to create healthy, thriving and productive workplaces and workforces. Interested?


Here's where you can see our expertise:

Progressive Wellness Program!

"C&P Wellness Consultants continue to be a vocal force in the Tampa Bay area wellness community. They run a progressive wellness program that brings fresh ideas to assist with the health and wellbeing of the employees. As colleagues that serve workplace wellness, their knowledge of the wellness industry and experience has been instrumental in the growth of my company. They are fun and personable which makes working with them a pleasure."

- Founder, Workplace Money Coach, LLC

Increased Engagement!

“Working with C&P Wellness Consultants, we experienced increased engagement in overall wellness and increased participation. We now have a wellness calendar of events, wellness challenges which are quite popular, and program expansion into areas such as financial wellness, and mindfulness." 

- Director of Human Resources, State College of Florida, Manatee - Sarasota


Wellness Consulting

We work directly with your company to integrate wellbeing strategies based on your organizational culture to increase the capacity for employee health & wellbeing and business prosperity.